I started using Essential Oils in the hopes that they would help me sleep. I was really having a hard time staying asleep, also to help the kids sleep at night and get into a nightly routine.  I was desperate for a change and I was out of ideas. I was in the midst of a major career change. I used to own my own clothing store and was in a business with family, it all changed overnight kind of, when I got offered a job at our local school as a Spanish teacher and to your surprise, I TOOK THE JOB!!! Because of the drastic change I was really having a hard time sleeping. 

So, one day I had seen an Instagram story of a girl I like to follow, she was sharing about their "nighttime routine" of a roller ball of Lavender Oil and a super cute diffuser by their bed. It looked so dreamy and relaxing, I knew I needed to try it. I actually couldn't stop thinking about it. 

Other things about oils kept coming up as well. Like our doctor prescribing Tea Tree oil for Ty's water warts on his legs (consult with your doctor) and peppermint for head tension and tummy aches.  I decided to give it a go and thought it was meant to be, so I ordered my starter kit! I have been obsessed ever since. I can't believe we have been using this little took kit everyday for over a year now. I really cannot imagine my life with out them. Our entire family enjoys them too! 

My Favorite way to use oils are for our nighttime routine, diffusing them in our home rather than candles. ( I was obsessed with candles) I am over the moon excited about the blends I can diffuse and mix together. I love all of the DIY's that we can do with them. I have even been using them on my face as a moisturizer (no more breakouts!!). There are so many other things I am using oils for too. And I am really just getting started even though we have been using them for a little over a year. I swear everyday I tell Chris, I just love these things! They come in handy in so many ways!

Favorite Things I use Young Living Essential Oils for: 

Kids and our Nighttime Routine

As I mentioned above we were in need of a better nighttime routine, without resorting to medicine. Now every night we (the kids know what to do) fill our diffusers with water and add 4 drops Lavender and 4 drops Peace and Calming (smells so dreamy). It has helped one of the girls with sleep walking and helped me with sleeping through the night and not waking up 3-5 times. I also made some sleep rollers for each of us with Lavender and Stressaway. We roll it on our chest, bottoms of feet, wrists and tummy. Rub it in and it smells so good! So dreamy and relaxing!  I am happy to report that in the last year since incorporating the oils there are no more sleep walkers and I sleep all night and sleep like a baby. I feel so rested when I wake up in the morning!  If you struggle with this, I highly recommend trying Lavender and adding it to your nightly routine. Like with anything, I have read that consistency is key with Essential Oils. 

Lavender is a herb that is widely known to help with nervousness and sleeplessness. 

Face Oil/ Moisturizer

Glow serum, I am obsessed with this! I make it in a little dropper bottle and drop a few drops into the palm of my hand and rub it all over my face like a moisturizer (after I wash my face.) You can literally get rid of ALL of your moisturizers and just use this (plus sunscreen). All you need is Frankincense and Lavender Essential Oils, both come in your starter kit (see info at the end of this post). 

And I highly recommend using the Think Dirty App to identify the potential risks with the personal care products you use everyday. 

Glow Serum Moisturizer- 

Drop all these oils in a 4oz dropper bottle. You can use different oils based on your skin type. 
  • 20 drops Frankincense (brightens skin, fights blemishes and promotes healthy, glowing skin) 
  • 20 drops Geranium (supports smooth healthy skin) 
  • 20 drops Lavender (great for healthy glowing skin, great for all skin types) 
  • 20 drops Copaiba or Blue Tansy (helps fight inflammation and redness) - you can use Valor its in your starter kit. 
- Fill the rest of the bottle with Jojoba Oil (balances the natural oils on your face and doesn't clog pores) 
- Apply to skin after washed. 

I also have been applying Frankincense directly on to a pimple or fine lines! It helps! And I have also recently added Blue Tansy for redness. I have really noticed a difference!

Wellness Roller- 

I started to use a roller of Thieves and Frankincense to keep us above the wellness line. We rub the roller bottle on the bottoms of our feet or on our spine everyday. Again, I have read that the main thing with Essential Oils is consistency. 

  • 10 drops Thieves
  • 10 drops Frankincense 
- Fill the rest with a carrier oil (we use Fractionated Coconut Oil)
- We roll on bottoms of feet or spine to keep us in the wellness zone. 

Happy Tummy Roller-

  • 10 drops Digize (truly a miracle oil, comes in your starter kit) 
  • 10 drops Peppermint
- Fill the rest with a carrier oil (I use fractionated coconut oil) 
- We roll this directly on stomach to help with an upset stomach or to help keep things regular. 


I use Thieves Concentrate to clean everything in my home. From kitchen counters, to bathrooms, showers, floors, EVERYTHING! 

Lavender Water for Bedding- 

A friend once gave me this as a gift way before I was into oils and I absolutely loved it. So when I got my oils I looked for a recipe and made my own. Now all the kids have one and we use ours every night!
We also love to give it away as gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. We spray on our pillows and sheets before bed every night to help with sleep. 

  • Small glass spray bottle 
  • 1 oz (2 tbs) witch hazel 
  • 10 drops lavender 
- Fill with water. Shake well before each use. 

Essential Oils for Wool Dryer Balls 

After I read how toxic dryer sheets and fabric softner are, I ditched them and switched to Organic Wool Dryer Balls. I use these Organic Wool Dryer Balls or you can purchase at your local store. I add a couple drops of Essential Oils to each ball. Make sure the oil is absorbed into each ball before tossing in your clothes so it doesn't stain them. You can also make a spray instead of dropping the oils directly onto the wool dryer balls. You can spray the wool dryer balls with a witch hazel, water and oil mixture. I like to use Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. Lavender and lemon are good too. 

P.S. if your clothes is still staticky, that is due to over drying, so decrease your drying time. If you are still having an issue you can attach a safety pin to the dryer balls or toss in a ball of tin foil. 

Diffusers and Humidifier Combo

I have been trying to get away from so many candles. Not only because they are toxic, but honestly because they make me nervous. I have made the mistake of leaving them on and left the house (so scary). The problem is that I just LOVE, like really LOVEEEEEE the hygge feeling candles add. So after I got my diffuser, I loved it. I am so in love with my diffusers. I pretty much have one in just about every single room in our home. My favorite thing is that they have lights inside like a soft lamp or night light. Some even have a candle flicker mode! I love that! I still get the feeling of a candle but without the toxic fragrances and the fear of leaving a flame on. You can diffuse whatever you are needing- calm, energy, headache relief, help relief a cough and so much more. Plus you can make your own blend and it smells so good. There are so many blends to help duplicate different candle scents with out the toxins. One of my favorites to diffuse is Stressaway and Peace and Calming! I like to diffuse either of these when we get home after work and start working on homework and cooking dinner. (what I like to call the witching hour) 

There is also an Anthropology blend I absolutely love to diffuse!

Capri Blue Volcano Candle Dupe Blend 
  • 4 drops Grapefruit
  • 1 drop Geranium 
  • 4 drops Orange 
  • 2 drops Idaho Blue Spruce or Northern Lights Black Spruce 

How to get Young Living Essential Oils 

Sign up as a member- this does NOT mean you will ever sell anything, just means you get 24% off prices!

It just means you are getting a starter kit. 

Order Here  and make sure the #21944602 appears in both the "Enroller" and "Sponsor Id" fields. Sign up as a member and get 24% off!

Reminder you don't have to sell it. And you can skip to Step 3. If you do not want to get products monthly. (We go thru Thieves, certain oils, Ningxia and more so I customize my order every month) 

Next if you choose Yes on Essential Rewards, you can then choose to setup your Essential Rewards monthly auto ship, I highly recommend this as a way to order those things you wish to have outside of the kit and begin to cut toxins from your home with Young Living cleaning products and makeup. 

You can follow me on Instagram if you don't already for more ideas on how to use oils. I will also add you to an amazing Facebook Group which is a wellness group where you can learn everything you need to know about using your oils and connect with an amazing inspiring community.  If you are interested in selling the oils and sharing about the company. I am passionate about helping women earn income to help support their families. 

I have attached links of items I use for these products. So if you are interested in purchasing any they are all linked here for you. 

Hope this info was helpful and makes you want to join into your own wellness journey. Remember we are the gatekeepers of our homes. We get to decide what we expose our families to. Let's make it a good one. I am certainly not perfect, its not easy, but I try and make small changes here and there. And I know you can too!



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